Infection Prevention

Infection prevention is a topic that touches many areas in an ASC however the bottom line is patient safety through preventing infections.  The number one way to transmit infections is through touch. Improper hand washing or poor hand hygiene practices can lead to the transmission of microbes.   One of the greatest services you can provide your patient is to follow a strong hand hygiene program.  Be diligent with follow up and compliance.  This includes ALL providers (staff, allied healthcare and physicians).

The rule of thumb to remember is: if a patient is touched, hand hygiene should follow when leaving the point of care.  If an invasive procedure is performed, such as an IV start, perform hand hygiene before and after donning gloves.  We do not need to perform hand hygiene with every touch however, when we leave the patient’s bedside and travel elsewhere, hand hygiene is required.

As a center or patient care unit, provide your staff with the tools needed to succeed.  If they do not have alcohol based gels or sinks, there is a failure in the system.  Infection prevention is a team effort and it starts with the facility and ends with your client. Not only do you protect your patient, you also protect your healthcare team.

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