CMS/Accreditation Preparation Services

Are you Ready for Your Next Survey?

The Medicare & Accreditation Surveys are becoming tougher!

ASC’s are now confronted with more frequent and more comprehensive surveys than ever before.  Understanding the Conditions for Coverage for an ASC as well as how they are interpreted by CMS is critical for ASC leaders.

As an ASC Leader, you must continuously make sure your ASC is ready for a Survey at any time.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers are subjected to a wide range of regulatory and accreditation requirements.  Keeping current with these requirements is not easy.  This is where Ambulatory Healthcare  Strategies can help!.

Unlike the “Management Company” approach – we provide oversight of your regulatory and accreditation compliance.  More importantly, we tailor our services to your needs – we don’t provide a “cookie cutter” approach to your services.  Representative services include:

  • Tracking of the required Governing Body responsibilities (CMS and Accrediting Body) and preparation of an annual plan to review and act on all of those responsibilities.
  • Weekly conference calls with administration (and others as requested) to discuss the action plans, review current activities and identify additional opportunities for improvement.
  • Assistance with or preparation of agendas and minutes for the Governing Body.
  • Attendance at Governing Body and/or other committees by phone, teleconferencing or in person if requested.
  • Preparation of annual goals and objectives for the organization (as required) and assistance in preparing a plan to carry out those goals and objectives.
  • Work with administration to maintain the policy and procedure manual as required by state and federal regulations and perform an annual comprehensive review of the manual.
  • Annually,  perform an on-site “mock” survey to assess the readiness for an accreditation survey.  Based on the results of the survey, AHS will work with the administration to prepare annual goals and objectives related to regulatory and accreditation compliance.
  • Assistance with any State, Federal or Accreditation Surveys, attendance (by phone or in person as practical) at the survey and/or exit conference, review and preparation of a response to any survey findings (eg. Notice of Deficiencies), and assistance in implementing the plan of correction.
  • Monthly reports will be prepared to the Governing Body with a summary of current regulatory issues in the industry as well as the status of the current action plan and activities.
  • On-going email and telephone support for the administration and members of the governing body in the areas of ASC Administration, Regulation and Accreditation.
  • Depending on the needs of the ASC, periodic site visits to the facility can be made to review on-going issues, meet with administration and the governing body, observation of operations, and review of issues.

Our services can be structured as a flat monthly retainer fee and are a fraction of what you would pay for similar services from a traditional “management company.”

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