Financial Oversight


How is my Surgery Center REALLY Doing?

Are you overwhelmed with financial data and don’t really know what it means?  Do you have very little data about your finances and don’t even know where to start?

Many surgery centers simply do not have the resources to hire their own in-house accountants.  Therefore, they “outsource” financial reporting or even financial management to outside accounting firms or bookkeepers.  However, not all accountants have expertise in dealing with Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

To manage an Ambulatory Surgery Center efficiently and profitably, you need to be able to answer such questions as:

  • Am I making money on GI Services?
  • How much does it cost to do a Lap Chole procedure?
  • What is my average overhead cost per case?
  • What are my average clinical hours per case?
  • How does my staffing compare to other ASC’s?
  • Is my fee schedule appropriate for my cost structure?
Obtaining financial data is actually very easy – analyzing it and turning it into actionable information is much more difficult.

This is where Ambulatory Healthcare Strategies comes in.  With over 20 years in the industry, John Goehle has become one of the leaders in the financial management of ASC’s.  A nationally known speaker and author of over eight books on ASC’s including the leading books about ASC Finance – he has literally “written the book” on the financial management of an ASC.

One of the most important contributions that AHS can make to your ASC is digging through the often huge amount of data provided by your information systems to find the key information and data relationships.  Using this information, we can then focus on the key issues and provide actionable recommendations for your organization.

John’s unique, customer-oriented approach to providing financial services is extremely cost-effective compared to hiring a management company.  In fact organizations that are no longer managed by a management company look to AHS to provide many of the same financial management services that they previously received – at a fraction of the cost.  We provide a wide range of services from consulting on specific issues to on-going financial oversight, budget and business plan preparation.  AHS also provides regulatory and accreditation compliance services on a consulting and retainer basis.

Call John today at 585-594-1167 for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your ASC’s unique needs

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